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Do not ignore the swelling of hands and feet, it may be a symptom of kidney failure

There was swelling in my hands and feet, which I did not pay attention to thinking that it might have been due to overwork. Because in the past, I have had problems like pain and swelling in hands and feet many times and it got cured on time. But this time there was swelling which was not decreasing. After this I started having many other problems in my body, after which I went to the doctor and when the doctor told the reason for my problem, I was convinced that this could happen. The doctor told me that there is a problem in my kidney. Its allopathic treatment did not make any difference to me, so I took Ayurvedic treatment for my kidney.

After which today I am fine and leading a healthy life, for this I thank Kidney expert Dr. Puneet, who gave me a new life. Hello my name is Lakhan and I am from Agra. Due to work, I often did not eat food on time nor did I consume the right amount of water which caused my kidney failure. If you do not drink the right amount of water, there is a problem of kidney infection. I came to know about this when there was a problem in my kidney. At first, there was swelling only in the hands and feet, but later I started having problems like back pain, vomiting and fever.

Now I took the treatment for it, took medicines for a few days, which did not make any difference, then dialysis was also done but it also did not make any difference. My body became so weak that I did not know what to do. After that a friend of mine told me about Karma Ayurveda, he said that here the treatment is done in ayurvedic way. I reached Karma Ayurveda Hospital with my brother. Where we met Dr. Puneet. He saw my reports and told me you will be fine but you have to take medicine on time and follow a diet as per dietician. I obeyed all the words of the doctor, after which I started recovering.

Today I am completely healthy, for which I thank Dr. Puneet.


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