8 Herbs to detoxify your kidneys

detoxify your kidneys

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Your kidneys are a pair of organs located under the rib cage in the lower back. These filtering performing organs of the body clear waste from the blood and purify it for usage by the other body parts. Each day, your kidneys detoxify almost 200 quarts of blood and take out 1to 2 quarts of waste to eliminate urine. The waste that the kidneys process comes from the food you eat, the breakdown of tissues, and chemical process that take place in the body.

Kidneys also produce important hormones for the production of red blood cells, keep control of blood pressure levels, and regulate the chemical balance in the body.
What is kidney detoxification?
Kidney detoxification means the process of removal of waste and fluids not needed by your body. If you consume adequate fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water, and other liquids your kidneys automatically get detoxified. But if you take foods that are not kidney-friendly your kidneys may have a pile of harmful substances in the blood.
Detoxification is a cleansing process that your kidneys perform on their own, but if they are damaged they may lose their capability to self-cleaning.
Here in this blog, we will share some valuable information about herbs that can help in toxins removal.
Herbs which are useful for strengthening your kidneys
• Stinging nettle seed
Stinging nettle is a perpetual plant that is being used since traditional times. Its leaf contains compounds and molecules that can reduce kidney inflammation and protect the body from oxidative stress. The seeds are also used to treat conditions like chronic kidney disease and IgA nephropathy.
• Astragalus root
This herb is enormously used in Chinese Traditional Medicines for its cardioprotective, and anti-inflammatory properties. In ancient science, it is likewise known as Fu Zheng and used to boost the immune system, blood sugar levels, and kidney inflammation. The herb also soothes blood flows to the kidneys.
• Processed Rehmannia root
In the event that you have fluid retention due to some kidney illness, at that point taking Rehmannia will support you. This herb is accepted in ayurvedic medication to cure pale skin, low blood count, dizziness, and sleep deprivation.
• Cordyceps mycelium
Cordyceps is widely used for kidney disorders. Many people use this ancient herb even after a kidney transplant. It is also used to cure liver problems, boost the immune system, and keep blood sugar levels within a healthy range.
• Dandelion root
Dandelions are from the group of nutritive therapeutic herb that helps to reduce irritation brought about by kidney infection because of the presence of a compound called polyphenols. Dandelion has been believed to slow down the complications of urinary disorders, anemia, and liver diseases. The detoxifying property of dandelion root makes it a natural diuretic used during kidney treatment in Ayurveda.
• Couch grass
Couch grass’s roots and leaves are used to treat a number of health conditions such as constipation, cough, bladder inflammation, high blood pressure, and kidney stones. For the patients having fluid retention because of a malfunctioned kidney, taking this herb works. Couch grass is also used to reduce the inflammation caused by E. coli bacteria.
• Uva ursi
Uva ursi is essentially utilized for urinary tract infections, including those of the kidneys, bladder. Regardless of whether a patient is confronting inconveniences of CKD, such as swelling in the kidney, pain when urinating, taking Uva ursi will ease those complexities.
• Punarnava
The reason why people called Punarnava a diuretic is that it allows the production and elimination of urine in a natural way. Punarnava also renovates the hurt nephrons of the kidneys by keeping the blood pressure level in the range, pacing up the kidney’s work, and eliminating the fluids and other harmful substances.
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